What is Probate?


When a family member or friend passes away, it is a difficult and emotional time. In addition to the grieving process, there are usually legal hurdles to jump over in order to settle someone’s estate. More often than not, this is accomplished through a process called probate. What is probate? Probate is a legal process [...]

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How Mason Law Protects Your Legacy | MLAPG


The 3 C's Mason Law holds a high standard for estate planning and stands by their reputation as the best in town. Mason Law implements the 3 Cs of estate planning to ensure an exceptional plan. The first C stands for “comprehensive.” A comprehensive plan ensures all necessary documents to accomplish your goals are included [...]

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5 Misconceptions about Estate Planning


1. What is an estate? When most people hear the word “estate” they imagine a large mansion seated at the end of a lengthy driveway, framed by an alley of trees, with a prestigious gate. While that is indeed an “estate”, what we are talking about with estate planning is more generally inclusive. Estate planning [...]

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Estate Planning for College Students


You read that right! Estate planning is a necessary part of life for every adult, not only those with kids and/or an abundance of assets. Now that your child is 18, they are legally classified as an adult and establishing an estate plan is an important step to ensure they are prepared for college and [...]

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