Over the course of your working years, your primary focus was your career and gaining financial stability. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve built yourself a well-earned estate. Everything you own, from your personal possessions to cash and investments, life insurance, and real estate, are all part of your estate.

It’s our job at Mason Law and Planning to protect your life’s work by creating an estate plan unique to you and your wishes.

To ensure your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are taken care of when they need it most, we execute an effective estate plan that may include wills and living wills, powers of attorney, trusts, deeds, and other appropriate legal documents.

In addition to being the region’s premier estate planning attorney, Paul has over 10 years of experience managing and growing money.

Expertise in both the law and finance is the difference you get with Mason Law and Planning. Paul and his team will assist you in all legal matters relating to your estate and structure your assets to minimize taxes, legal fees, and various costs.

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Probate is the process that puts your estate plan into motion due to an event that triggers a provision in your estate plan, such as incapacity or death. The demands of probate require quick decision making, preparing inventories and documents, and assuring exact execution of your instructions.

Mason Law and Planning ensures the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Managing probate bears responsibilities that are often too heavy and overwhelming during a time of grief. The last thing your beneficiaries need is the disruption of family relationships due to confusion and uncertainty. We serve you and your family, your estate, and your executor as a guide through a straightforward, uncomplicated transition.

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In this highly litigious and complicated world, protecting your assets from those who seek to exploit your hard-earned wealth is paramount. Asset protection is a defensive measure that serves you now and beyond your lifetime so that the right people and organizations benefit from your life’s work. We discover the right strategy and resources — trusts and other appropriate shelters — for maximum security and to limit access to your assets by undeserving parties.

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When it comes to estate planning and asset protection, forming an LLC isn’t an avenue most people know to consider. You may benefit from the flexibility and protection of a family LLC even if you don’t operate a profit earning business.

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Do you have an effective transfer and exit plan for your business?

That’s where succession planning comes in. Succession planning is more than a will — it’s for the day you cannot run your business due to unforeseen illness or death, or when you decide you’re ready to enjoy your retirement years.

Planning your exit strategy and putting the right controls in place now will result in you and your family receiving the best possible results.

Receive retirement income; transfer your business to your family, your employees or an outside buyer; make a difference for a charity or your community. You can do all of this with reduced income, gift, and estate taxes with proper succession planning.

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Charitable giving is an important aspect of many of our clients’ lives, as it is to all of us at Mason Law and Planning. Advising clients in Charitable Estate Planning matters requires a unique blend of technical knowledge in estate and tax law, as well as an understanding of philanthropic motivation.

We are proud to provide the expertise as well as the passion for your philanthropic mission.

Some of the options we will explore together are Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Private Charitable Foundations.

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Mason Law and Planning makes it easy for you to tackle the hard questions. Scheduling your consultation is the first step.