The 3 C’s

Mason Law holds a high standard for estate planning and stands by their reputation as the best in town. Mason Law implements the 3 Cs of estate planning to ensure an exceptional plan. The first C stands for “comprehensive.” A comprehensive plan ensures all necessary documents to accomplish your goals are included and addresses every unique aspect of your estate. The second C stands for “custom.” A custom plan specifically pertains to your wants, needs, family dynamics, and the local, state, and Federal laws. The last C stands for “current.” Mason Law has created their Legacy Preservation Program or “LPP,” as a way to ensure that their client’s plan stays current and relevant to life’s changes.

Planning your estate, and creating documents that make your wishes efficiently and legally enforceable, is an extremely important first step. However, what happens after creating your documents? Planning an estate is a lot like buying a brand-new car. You may love your shiny new car, but there are also steps to take to ensure that it will still be drivable in a few years. A new car is wonderful, but it would quickly lose its luster if you neglected to get oil changes, rotate tires, or repair it in the event of an accident. In Colorado, many of us have a set of snow tires for winter driving and a different set of tires for summer driving.  Planning out preventative maintenance on our cars helps us enjoy driving longer, navigate the elements of our local area, and create safer daily trips.

Estate plans are similar in the fact that life also has seasons full of events that require actionable change. In order to remain optimally effective, an estate plan needs to change with those seasons. Life events such as marriage, divorce, children being born, tax law changes, or moving, are just a few of the instances that may necessitate a change for your estate plan. In addition to life changes, if you use a trust as one of your estate planning tools, you need to title your assets into the trust so that it will work correctly. Just like having car insurance or a warranty for your vehicle, you want the Legacy Preservation Program to allow for professional maintenance and updates to your estate plan.

Legacy Preservation Program

The Legacy Preservation Program is one of the unique ways Mason Law & Planning Group stands out, and is able to provide unparalleled service to our clients. The LPP requires a yearly fee that keeps clients engaged with our office, allowing for access to the informed legal counsel of our attorneys in regard to their estate plan.  Our program covers any phone calls, meetings, drafting, and research in reference to our client’s estate plan. It also includes a yearly review meeting, where our legal team can review the client’s documents, and make sure they are good to go in all aspects of their plan. 

Remember all aspects of a proper estate plan includes not just how the documents are written but how your assets are titled. Changing titles of assets to support your estate plan is called funding. Our team of attorneys and paralegals will work with your financial advisors, accountants, financial institutions, the county recorder of deeds, DMV, and Parks and Wildlife for all types of vehicles and more to ensure that your titles support your estate plan. The team also prepares beneficiary forms and other documents needed to change your titles plus notarizes them for free. This saves you countless hours on the phone, errands, and organization trying to ensure the titles are correct. 

In addition to professional legal counsel, updating documents, and funding we know that being able to access your documents is important. That is why we include within the LPP, an online secure digital vault that holds copies of our client’s documents. The digital vault allows for 24/hr access to necessary documents from anywhere online.

As part of Mason Law’s standard for comprehensive planning, we include documents that apply to your life now, and after your passing. Some of the documents that pertain to planning life now are healthcare documents. Since healthcare documents are often needed in emergency situations, it is important that these documents be readily accessible by medical professionals. Most people don’t carry the original hard copies of their medical documents on their person. So, how do emergency responders know that someone has medical documentation in place, let alone how to access it in a crisis? To solve this real-life problem, we also include a wallet card within our Legacy Program, that provides a 24/7 answering service that securely holds your medical documents online, and makes them accessible to medical professionals. 

With the Legacy Preservation program at Mason Law, our clients have access to the legal counsel of our attorneys and the hard work of our legal team to ensure their estate plan is effective and ready. Additionally, our LPP enables our clients to have ease of access to their documents for every situation that may require their implementation. Without the LPP, one might find their estate plan similar to a vehicle with bald tires and a blown engine in one of life’s blizzards; so call Mason Law today to ask about planning your estate and enrolling in our Legacy Preservation Program. 

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