Health Care Power of Attorney

It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are; if you can’t see through the windshield, anything can happen.

Setting up a Health Care Power of Attorney will help you clear the way for your loved ones to navigate a bumpy road if you are unable to communicate.

A Health Care Power of Attorney makes your wishes known and explains what your requests mean to you. It pinpoints who may make health care decisions on your behalf – decisions that can affect you for years. Would you like a doctor to decide? Would you like an estranged spouse to decide your wishes? Designating your decision-makers keeps your life on track with specifics. It assures your family that you value their time by preempting the difficult issues right when they need it most.

A Health Care Power of Attorneys is especially useful in blended family situations. Would you like an estranged spouse to contest for the right to make a health care decision? People often think their spouse would automatically be their Health Care Power of Attorney, but it might not work that way. Also, as soon as a child is eighteen years old, parents are not automatically eligible to make healthcare decisions. What are your personal non-negotiables concerning your health care? Who will decide between one surgery or another if you are unconscious? It all depends unless you have the foresight to arrange your Health Care Power of Attorney.

Mason Law will take the time to grant you peace of mind knowing who is on your Health Care Power of Attorney. Your loved ones will be flooded with emotion and questions in a medical emergency. Caregiving is time-consuming and time-sensitive. Health Care Power of Attorney keeps your best interests in mind.

Our law team will create a unique document with specifics for your particular situation. Your wishes will become legally binding so your loved ones can go for miles with a clear view of what is important to you.

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